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Shippers looking to save money during these difficult economic times are turning to freight brokers as an alternative for reducing freight costs. However, using brokers doesn’t come without its own share of risks. All you need to become a broker is a $75,000 bond, a phone, and a client. 

What to Know About Freight Brokers

While hiring a broker simplifies the freight shipping process, you may not know who exactly will be handling your shipment. Freight brokers never touch your shipment; instead, they contract freight haulers (sometimes multiple freight haulers) to handle the shipping. You want to know which company your freight broker hires, their authority, safety record, insurance options, and reputation to be sure of the safety of your shipment. A broker may not be able to provide this information, or choose not to!

You may not be getting the best price

Brokers charge a commission for their service, which they add on top of the carriers fees. Why call a broker when you can call the carrier. In the past two years this is exactly what's happening with Englund Equipment Company. We have shippers calling us direct not wanting to use brokers due to the fact that the brokers are promising assets from carriers and the information is not being passed on to the carrier correctly.

Why Englund Equipment Company?

Since 1957 Englund Equipment Company has flexible, reliable, unbeatable service. Not only do we move your freight quickly from origin to destination, but we’re always looking for ways to meet and exceed your transportation needs. We draw on all of our resources to provide integrated solutions to any and all of your shipping challenges. Whether it’s around the corner or across the country, who do you think the brokers call? Yes ,Englund Equipment Company and they have been calling since 1957.

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