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Flat Bed Services

Step-Deck trailers are increasingly becoming more main stream as carriers seek to outfit their operations with the most versatile flatbed trailers available.  The main reason for the Step Deck’s popularity is the fact the it can usually accommodate any freight type including most over-height loads.  Englund Equipment Company has a fleet of 53′ drop deck trailers to help you move freight across 48 states.

Not all freight fits standard dry van equipment; sometimes your unique needs require unique equipment. Find the flatbed equipment you need quickly and easily. Your time is too precious to make multiple calls looking for flatbed capacity. Move your flatbed freight with just one call and take back the rest of your day. Rely on Englund Equipment Company to coordinate all of the details. You can relax, knowing that your freight will be delivered to your customer right on time thanks to Englund Equipment Company.

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